The Red Hat Society

What is the Red Hat Society?

Red_Hat_Society_Logo_2015The Red Hat Society (also known as red hatters society or red hatter society) is a global organization of women over the age of 50. These women wear red/purple and pink hats just to have fun! Red hats are for those over 50 and pink hats are for those under 50. They also wear purple outfits (over 50) and lavender outfits (under 50).

These women get together and share stories and make friends. It’s designed to get away from the everyday life. It’s for women in the same stage of life to be able to connect and communicate with each other.

Dressing up allows us to find the “little girl” inside of us and to provide “Fun, Friendship, Freedom, Fulfillment and Fitness”.

Where did the Red Hat Society get it’s name?

The Red Hat Society Society gets its name from the beginning of the poem “Warning” by Jenny Joseph:

“When I am an old woman I shall wear purple With a red hat that doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.”

When was the Red Hat Society formed?

The Red Hat Society officially formed on April 25, 1996 by Sue Ellen Cooper. It started when she and a group of her friends met for afternoon tea dressed in purple clothing and red hats.

April 25 is the offical Red Hat Society day.

What does the Red Hat Society Do?

The Red Hat Society also hosts several events every year. These are a fun and exciting ways to show support and to meet new Red Hat Sisters from all over the world.

Check out the current activity’s on the Red Hat Society Events page.

What does the Red Hat Society Required You to Wear?

Woman aged 50 or over must attend functions in a red hat and purple outfit.

Women under age 50 must attend functions in a pink hat and lavender outfit.

How did I Find Out About the Red Hat Society?

s-RED-HAT-SOCIETY-largeMy family and I were on vacation in Las Vegas a few years back. As we started to walk around, we saw a couple of women dressed in red hats and purple clothing. We commented to each other about how fun to be in a town where women could dress up. As we walked further we saw another group of women dressed in red hats and purple outfits. We were more than curious. As we walked to other casino’s, we saw the same thing, these women were everywhere. So, I finally got up the courage to ask one of the women why everyone was dressed in red hats and purple outfits. She told me it was a convention for the Red Hat society. That they were a society of women over the age of 50. I thought what a great idea!

How to join the Red Hat Society:

The Red Hat Society is NOT non-profit. You need to register. The registration fees go to pay office expenses and employee salaries.

There are two types of registration:
1. Queen – $39/year: You can start your own chapter
2. Member – $20/year: You can contact local chapter Queens

To sign up or to find out more information, go to the Red Hat Society official web site: